Recommendation for a good Windows based web hosting

I have always toyed with the idea of having my own domain and I am finally ready to move my blog off to my personal domain. I was searching for good domain hosting providers and wanted to throw the idea out here to see if I could get some good suggestions.

I looked at Brinkster and liked what they provide but wanted to know if people had any feedback about them. Also they dont seem to provide ASP.Net development and Sql server database in their rookie account and the pro account seems too much for what I am looking for but I like the extras they provide such as wordpress blogging software and photo albums.

So  here is what I am looking for in my domain hoster.

1. Windows based (so I can add my projects in WCF, Silverlight)

2. Good blogging software

3. Asp.Net, MySql/Sql server  support.

4. Photo album

5. Support for media streaming.

Stuff such as decent storage and bandwidth is standard. I will continue my research but in case any of you have good opinions on a particular host then please share that information.