Publishing Infopath 2007 documents in Browser

Infopath 2007 brings the new feature of rendering the infopath documents in the browser. However this feature can be slightly confusing for the beginners. When MOSS 2007 beta 2 was released I took me 2 days to find out how to render your own infopath document to browser.

The steps for this are below:

§ Complete the publishing wizard (using the SharePoint option) and publish the form to a shared location

§ Launch the SharePoint Central Admin page

§ Select Application Management

§ From the InfoPath Forms Services section select Manage Form Templates

§ Click Upload Form Template

§ Click the Browse button and navigate to the shared location where you published the form

§ Highlight the form and click Open

§ Click Upload

§ Assuming the template uploads successfully, you will be returned to the Manage Form Templates page. Click on the uploaded template and select Activate to a Site Collection

§ If the Site Collection box has the correct site, click OK. If not, click the site and you will be able to change to the correct site.

§ Once the activation has completed, you can now associate the form with a form/document library

§ Navigate to/Create a form or document library

§ From the Settings button, choose Form (Document) Library Settings

§ Select Advanced Settings

§ For “Allow Management of Content Types” choose Yes and click OK

§ You should now see a new section called Content Types – click “Add from existing site content types”

§ Drop down the box and choose Microsoft Office InfoPath

§ From the “Available Site Content Types”, highlight the form you activated, click Add and then click OKMail me your comments and suggestions.

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