Visio SP 1 Administrator Install Questions

I heard in email from a blog user asking:

1) How best to determine what SP is installed?

2) How to determine the path to where the app is installed (is there a reg key separate from the office key)?


Sounded like a pretty common question that IT admins might have so I wanted to post the response in the blog.


Here’s the SP information for Visio 2002:

Visio 2002 RTM, 10.0.525

Visio 2002 SR1, 10.0.2514

Visio 2002 SP2, 10.0.5110

Here’s the SP information for Visio 2003 (as of today, 09/28/2004):

Visio 2003 RTM, 11.3216.5606 (mso.dll version 5606)

Visio 2003 SP1, 11.4301.6360 (mso.dll version 6360)

Here’s the reg information for both Visio 2002 and Visio 2003:

Visio 2002 install path


Visio 2003 install path

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Office\Office11\Common\Install Root


-- Mai-lan


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