Testing SLP Availability

Hi all,

A quick one from me. Ever had site discovery issues on your client machine?


 You can stick one of the following into your web browser to confirm that the Server Locator Point is up and running:


 If you use AD Sites for boundaries


 http://<slp>/sms_slp/slp.dll?site&ad=<AD Site Name>


 If you use IP Subnets for boundaries


http://<slp>/sms_slp/slp.dll?site&ip=<Client Subnet ID>


 If you use IP ranges


http://<slp>/sms_slp/slp.dll?site&ir=<Client IP Address>


 Or if you use a combination you can concatenate the parameters


http://<slp>/sms_slp/slp.dll?site&ip=<Client Subnet ID>&ad=<AD Site Name>&ir=<Client IP Address>


So in my test environment if I run the following:




I get this response:


If I make my SLP unavailable, in this case disabling authentication: 


 Entering an invalid / undefined boundary



This post was contributed by Rob York, a Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft Premier Field Engineering, UK.