Changing ClientChannelSink properties for remoting CAO objects

As I had described in my previous post its possible to change client side sink properties for remoting proxies. For client-activated objects it can be a little tricky since you dont get a proxy till a constructor is invoked remotely( and this might be missing client side certificates). To work around this issue you would need to create a wellknown proxy(wellknown proxies are created without a remote invokation) to the remoting activation URL. eg. lets say your CAO are registered at Then you would need to create a proxy using RemotingServices.Connect(typeof(yourType), ""); Now you have a proxy to the url where the constructor call will be made, and you can get and change the channelsink properties for it. Once you have a proxy for the CAO you might need to update the properties again since this proxy is actually for a different url (something like