MAP Toolkit 8.0 Demo Exercises are available for download

With the release of the MAP Toolkit 8.0, we are making available a training kit to help your understanding and capabilities of the MAP Toolkit.



The MAP Toolkit 8.0 Training Kit can be download at


About the MAP Toolkit Exercises

The collection of lab exercises within the Training Kit will be relevant for you, if you are one of two main types of MAP Toolkit users:

  • IT Professionals who want to assess an environment to inform an upgrade decision.
  • Consultants or technical sales staff from Microsoft or partners who want to document the need and feasibility of a suggested IT improvement.

The Training Kit contains 22 exercises grouped into 5 sets that explore key MAP Toolkit 8.0 functionalities. The sets include the following:

  • Preparing and collecting inventory data, assessing and planning Windows Client Operating Systems, Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer 9 deployments, creating client custom assessment properties.
  • Assessing and planning of Windows Server deployments, defining server custom assessment properties, collecting performance data, migration to Windows Azure VMs, and performance reporting.
  • Assessing and planning Server Consolidation by Virtualization, VMware Virtualization discovery, and Windows Azure Platform Assessment.
  • Discovering SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and Sybase instances and SQL Server Migration Assessment.
  • Discovering Linux instances