Win32 Programming - part 2: forums and newsgroups

In writing any non-trivial application, help from the community of developers if often fundamental. In my own dev projects I have been using various forums and discussion sites.
Following are links to what I think among the very best:

Microsoft Discussion Groups (web interface to Microsoft's public NNTP newsgroups)

MSDN Forums

Google Groups (web interface to a vast set of NNTP newgroups)

CodeGuru Forums
Dev Shed Forums
GameDev.Net Discussion Forums Forums
C++ Home Forums
OSDev Forums

The above sites often deal with lots of different technologies and programming languages but what ties them all is that they all have vast forums dealing with C/C++ on the Windows platform. There are obviously other very good discussion sites dealing with other technologies (.NET languages, web technologies, various application servers, etc.) but I'm not listing them here.

Did I miss any good discussion board?