Japan Mashup

Check out this mashup using our Japan Maps (Thanks Y)! http://dev.geoap.jp/demo/ve_keiro/ve_ajax_keiro.html. VERY COOl!


The following functionality was discoverable:


1.Enable a user to define a location(s) with a right-mouse click.

2.Obtain the shortest path between two points/locations 3.Obtain the altitude values for the route in #2.

4.Display the route (route map) from #2 over Virtual Earth.

5.Display the graph of altitudes/distance from the #3 over Virtual Earth. (Note: This graph shows distance and altitudes only between two locations but not all locations)


Also, this GeOAP allows defining multiple locations such as start -> 1 -> 2 -> ....

It also allows deleting the latest location one by one as well as deleting all.