MapPoint 2006 - New Features

I just got the inside scoop on MapPoint 2006 new features:

  • New Advanced GPS Features - The new GPS task pane takes information about your current location as determined from your connected, compatible GPS device and displays your current location and the speed at which you are traveling.
  • Voice and Text Directions for Windows XP Users - New Driving Guidance takes your location from a connected GPS device and combines it with a route you have created to give you voice-prompted driving directions.
  • Updated Geographic and Demographic Data - Use updated geographic and demographic data sets in MapPoint to display trends and illustrate key points on maps.
  • Pocket Streets - Microsoft Pocket Streets makes it easy for you to create custom maps in MapPoint and then export them for use on your Microsoft Windows Mobile™–based Smartphone or Pocket PC.
  • Microsoft Location Finder - New Location Finder uses your computer’s wireless network capability and a database of known Wi-Fi access points to display your location on maps, even if you do not have a GPS device.
  • New Map Style for Low-light Conditions - New Map style for low-light conditions makes it easier to view maps on your laptop computer.
  • Virtual Earth Integration - Link off to MSN Virtual Earth online

Don't confuse MapPoint 2006 with Streets and Trips 2006:

MapPoint 2006 is set to release in Q1 calendar year 2006.