MWS 5.2 is now Live!

I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but for those customer who use Microsoft's MapPoint Web Service, today marks a fantastic day. With the release of Version 5.2 we have moved out of the Microsoft Extranet system (which is great and all), but now you are no longer held to the strict password resets required by Microsoft. Moving forward, you will establish Windows Live ID (formerly Passport) accounts for all of your users. So, when you login to the Customer Service Site you will do so using your Windows Live ID. "Wow, that's great, but big deal." No, you don't understand. Your batch system is also covered with Windows Live ID. Sooooo, no longer are you required to change your password every 45 days, then make a code change to your batch upload application, then test it, the push it to production, then test it, then wait 45 days to do it again. No, no! Now, you get your Windows Live ID, set your password - code change, test and push to production - for the last time! Or, however frequently you see fit. This is big and you should be happy - you know who you are - you've been complaining about this since I joined the group and we finally got it fixed! Yeah!