Viewing Yellow Page Information in MWS

I wrote 2 applications wrt viewing yellow page data available in MWS.

View YP Categories. This application allows you to view the different data sources available in MWS. There are some test data sources appended to the list, so just ignore those. Just select the data source your interested in and the listbox will populate with the EntityTypeNames. I use the CommonServiceSoap API with this application.

View YP Data. This application allows you to input an address, select the data source and then select the EntityTypeName for the categeories. This will give you an idea of what type of data is returned if you were to query the respective data source. I use the FindAddress and FindNearby methods of the Find API with this application.

Please note: The Acxiom data sources are being depricated. If you have not begun the process of moving your data to the new Navteq data source (MapPoint.NAICS) please do so immediately!