Virtual Earth Version 4

Please be advised that we will release a new version of the Virtual Earth Map Control on Tuesday, November 7th 2006.  We do not anticipate that this release will impact the service or uptime of the existing Virtual Earth Map Control (  or With this release Virtual Earth customers should not need to take any action to ensure that their existing Virtual Earth applications continue to function properly. However, we want to give our Virtual Earth customers advance notice of this upcoming release.

If for some reason you do experience an issue with your Virtual Earth application when the new version is released on November 7th please contact the Virtual Earth & MapPoint Web Service support team at or 1(800) 552-8872.

Due to an upcoming marketing campaign surrounding this release we cannot elaborate on the exciting new features that will be in the release.  We will announce the features and details of this release on the launch date (November 7th).  Please stay tuned to the Virtual Earth developer blog for additional details: