Most of people around are not doing eXtreme Programming, should I try it?

If billions of people believe something, does that alone make it a justified true belief?

Please, try for yourself eXtreme Programming techniques or whichever else design technique you found, and bring your findings and insights for discussion.

Also please, disregard the frequent plea for “the real world”, the real world is what we all do, do something different and you are essentially changing the world.

"How do I sell my executive team on doing this stuff? Don't. Just do it. They don't know what you're doing anyway" -Jim Highsmith

"Never be afraid to do something yourself. Remember - amateur built the Ark, professionals built the Titanic" -Gov Maharaj

"They believed that the structure of the universe could be worked out by sheer thought. And so they decided there were five elements, earth, water, air, fire, and ether. And that the universe was constructed of spheres made of these elements. Any element moved away from its sphere tried to get back to its sphere. Thus, stones (earth) fall, smoke (fire) rises, etc. It all made sense. It was all wrong" -Unknown