To what degree it is my ignorance?

Phillip G. Armour, in his work The Laws of Software Process: A New Model for the Production and Management of Software, proposes that software is a mean for the preservation of knowledge as have been the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), the brain, tools, equipment (hardware) and books.

In order to acquire any knowledge, we first need to be aware of our order of ignorance and then adopt a process for the acquisition of such knowledge:

Order 0:

Absence of ignorance. I have order zero of ignorance when I got knowledge about something, especially if this knowledge is reliable knowledge from science.

Order 1:

Lack or absence of knowledge. I have order one of ignorance when I don’t know something.

Order 2:

Lack of awareness. I have order two of ignorance when I ignore that I don’t know something; that is, when I don’t realize that I'm ignorant about a given topic.

Order 3:

Lack of a process to acquiring knowledge. I have order three of ignorance when I do not have an efficient and adequate process to realize that I don’t know —and therefore I cannot explain— what my ignorance is; that is, I have no way to realize my ignorance of not knowing something.

Order 4:

Meta-ignorance. I have order four of ignorance when I do not know anything about the five orders of ignorance.