Catching up

A couple of things caught my eye while catching up on news over the break:

Probably the most significant is the new GigaByte G-Smart device with Windows Mobile 5.0 AKU2 (Adaptation Kit Update 2) - that means it supports MSFP (Messaging Security Feature Pack) or push e-mail. It’s slated for shipping in Taiwan only.,45107

Cornice has announced a 8GB / 10 GB 1' disk coming in at 40mm x 30mm x 3.5mm with a CF interface Can’t wait to see this embedded in a Windows Mobile device!

Pocketinfo (Dutch site) posted a review of the HTC Galaxy ( Ok, so the review is all in Dutch but from what I can glean using a well known 'fish in the ear' translator site they seem very impressed. There is no wide area radio (GSM) module in this device so its going to be interesting to see how HTC get this to market. WiFi and Bluetooth are present, but the main interest is the built in GPS hardware and pre-loaded TomTom software.