Windows Azure Cache Extension Library

Windows Azure Cache Extension Library(WACEL) implements various cloud-powered data structures that can be shared among your Cloud Services, Web Sites and Windows Store application.

WACEL hides all details of writing a cloud data access layer, and allows you to directly work on common data structures such as arrays and circular buffers.


Typical Scenarios

· Business intelligence with an easy-to-use OLAP Cube without needing to  configuring or maintaining any underlying infrastructures and services.

· Data acquisition and aggregation in Big Data scenarios with Circular Buffers that support dynamic batching and gzip compression.

· Cached access to backend Table Storage with POCO objects and LINQ queries instead of platform-specific APIs and types.

· Write backend-agnostic DAL that is optimized for cloud and is right to the point.


Getting Started

To use WACEL is really simple:

1. Add a reference to WACEL NuGet package.

2. Configure connections to your backend services such as Windows Azure Cache.

3. New up the data structures you want to use and you are ready to go!


Here’s a 6-minute introduction Video:



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