Fix state related data type transform in OpsMgr2007 SP1 RC

Operations Manager displays alerts, task results and other data thru different dialogs and views. Such are usually results of the transform applied to XML representation of said data types.

It came to my attention that transform used to generate output for state related data is broken (State data could be displayed as a part of diagnostic output, as the result of some task etc). Problem with transform is that it doesn’t allow display of the state change context when such is present for particular state change. (Remember state change context is usually the XML representation of data type which caused said state change in the first place). Another minor issue is also caused by somewhat ambiguous display of state changes where it is little confusing to recognize states of individual monitors contributing to the final health state of the instance of particular managed entity type.

Attached file provides the fix for said issue. It needs to be executed on Operations Manager database by database owner. It will update stored transforms with fixes necessary for proper display/functionality.

“Usual suspects:”

This fix is for Operations Manager 2007 SP1 RC only as later releases will be fixed and prior ones do not need it.

This posting is also provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. Use of included T-SQL script is subject to the terms specified at Microsoft plus is not supported thru any official CSS channel. If support is important, you need to wait for official release of Operations Manager 2007 SP1 RTM. Due to all these facts I strongly recommend TO TEST in pre-production environment as using this confers no rights in the case of any harm to your monitoring infrastructure. Please consider real carefully all these aspects and possibilities prior using attached file!