HOWTO: “restart” monitoring of my environment? (UPDATE)

My last post tried to introduce a tool which restarts monitoring of OpsMgr environment. Cameron (and others) is (are) actively looking at its use and here is an update based on some feedback.

1. Following was a state view for computer group which I achieved by selecting “Discovered Inventory” followed by “Change Target Type …” from “State Action” pane. I then selected “View all targets” and picked “Computer Group”.

Computer group restart monitoring

To avoid this manual intervation, my next version is adding plain state view for target of my “Restart Monitoring” task.

Computer Group state view 

2. “Restart Monitoring” task was using Timeout attribute set to 5 minutes. This is not long enough for task to complete so it often fails with “Timeout Expired” error. This timeout was for task execution which one cannot set thru authoring UI. I did manual change and bumped it to 1 hour. Please customize if that is still not long enough (remember that complete contaiment relationship tree is crawled prior restarting environment monitoring although tool would be flawed if it takes that long – remember: feedback is ALWAYS appreciated)

< TaskID = "Microsoft.SystemCenter.Community.RestartMonitoring.Task"Accessibility="Internal"Enabled="true"Target="SCLibrary!Microsoft.SystemCenter.ComputerGroup"Timeout="3600"Remotable="true">

  < Category > Maintenance</Category>

  < WriteActionID = "PA"TypeID="System!System.CommandExecuter"Target="SCLibrary!Microsoft.SystemCenter.RootManagementServer">

  < ApplicationName ><![CDATA[ %ProgramFiles%\System Center Operations Manager 2007 Restart Monitoring Tool\Microsoft.SystemCenter.Community.RestartMonitoring.App.exe ]]></ ApplicationName >

    < WorkingDirectory > .</WorkingDirectory>

    < CommandLine > /s $Target/Id$</CommandLine>

    < TimeoutSeconds > 3600</TimeoutSeconds>

    < RequireOutput > true</RequireOutput>

  </ WriteAction >

</ Task >


3. I fixed x64 deployment. My old packages were installing into “Program Files(x86)” and that broke task targetted to “Computer Group” from being succesfull. Having old version installed, you can simply move “System Center Operations Manager 2007 Restart Monitoring Tool” into “Program Files” (istallation removal thru Windows installer will break though with such approach).


4. It appears that deployment of WebApp needs to be executed as an user who is allowed to create WebSite as well as AppPool.


Attached, you can find NEW VERSION of this tool. Attachment for my old post will update automatically thru my ISP site..


Please evaluate in your test environment first! As expected, this solution is provided AS-IS, with no warranties and confers no rights. Use is subject to the terms specified at Microsoft. Future versions of this tool may be created based on time and requests.