MP for monitoring cluster services (MSCS) finally web-released!


Cluster Management M-Packs finally hit our MP catalog. These management packs monitor health of the Windows Server 2003 clusters and are designed to improve the availability, performance, and security of your Windows Server 2003 cluster deployment

Getting the Latest Management Pack and Management Pack Documentation

To monitor Windows Server 2003 clusters, you must first download the Windows Server 2003 Cluster Management Pack from the Management Pack Catalog; see "System Center Operations Manager 2007 Catalog" or download by clicking here. There will be a single installer that will extract all management pack files. Released package also contains QFE hotfix (KB article to become publicly available soon) , which must be applied and installed when trying to import cluster MP on build prior SP1 RC (6246) or SP1 RTM (6278) – see bellow.

Before You Import the Management Pack

Before you import the Windows Server 2003 Cluster Management Pack, take the following actions:

·         Import the Windows Server 2003 Base Operating System Management Pack.

·         Enable the Agent Proxy on all agents which are installed on servers that are members of a cluster if it was not enabled already.

Also, following requirements must be met based on the version of System Center Operations Manager 2007 used:

·         OpsMgr 2007 RTM (version 06.0.5000.0000)
QFE needs to be applied and Microsoft.Windows.Cluster.Library management pack needs to be imported immediately after binaries on cluster nodes changed. This is required due to dependency on cluster user profile in the case action account has no access to cluster administration and profile needs to be manually populated to allow monitoring of MSCS as well as hotfix required for WMI event provider used with cluster infrastructure monitoring.

·         OpsMgr 2007 SP1 RC (version 06.0.6246.0000) and OpsMgr 2007 SP1 RTM (version 06.0.6278.0000)
No special requirements are to be met. All referenced management packs are at their latest version. Simply follow steps to download files and import management packs (all except Microsoft.Windows.Cluster.Library

Objects the Windows Server 2003 Cluster Management Pack Discovers

The Windows Server 2003 Cluster Management Pack automatically discovers the following object types:

·         Windows Clusters

·         Windows Cluster

·         Windows Server 2003 Cluster Service

·         Windows Server Cluster Node

·         Windows Server Cluster Network

·         Windows Server 2003 Cluster Network Interface

·         Windows Server 2003 Resource Group

·         Windows Server Hosted Resource Group

·         Windows Server Cluster Resource


The following diagram shows defined classes.


How Health Rolls Up

The following illustration shows how health rolls up in this management pack.






resource group state