CDN UX Blog: MIX08 "Canada Represents"

I have already seen the gents from ConceptShare tonight, so we know the Canucks are in Vegas.

Paul has a good post on the UX Blog about everything we are doing at MIX:


"Well, the days have given way to hours with respect to the countdown to this year's edition of MIX, which kicks off on March 5 in Las Vegas. If you're not familiar with the MIX conference, it's an annual event that Microsoft has hosted to celebrate web development, design and user experience as well as to host discussions on the strategy and direction the web is taking with noted visionaries and world-renowned speakers. If you haven't already, I invite you to take a look at the main MIX site and the MIX08 subsite for more information.

There's going to be a lot going on at MIX this year. There will be some big announcements (some of which we haven't even been privy to!), awesome sessions on a myriad of topics ranging from design to development to the business of user experience and a great opportunity to network with others around the world who will be attending.

So, what is Microsoft's Canadian contingent doing? Well there are "a few things" planned. :) First, we'll be blogging. Check out this blog and other blogs (listed below); we'll be giving you updates on the conference from there - everything from announcements to interesting news and interviews with attendees. Second, if you're Canadian and you've registered for MIX (which, by the way, sold out early last month), you should have gotten an email with an invitation to a Canadian Registrant party hosted by Microsoft Canada. Meet us there - we'd love to talk to you! Finally, we'll be onsite and spending time with Canadians that are participating in the event. If you see us, say hi; we'd love to chat and talk!

All of the keynotes and sessions will be available online at the MIX site. The Keynote on March 5 (with Ray Ozzie, Scott Guthrie and Dean Hachamovitch) and March 6 (with Steve Ballmer and Guy Kawasaki) will both be broadcast live on the site, while the breakout sessions will be available 24 hours after they happen. Take a look at the session agenda as there is a tonne of great content that will be waiting for you throughout the week.

So, with that said, here are a few handy resources for those of you interested in following the MIX conference, either in person as someone attending or watching the event from the web at home or work:

Speaker Bios: "


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