Developer Tools Sales & Marketing Group Manager – Microsoft Canada

I am hiring. Job ID: J1008-0250


The Challenge:

The Developer & Platform Evangelism Group (DPE) is focused on securing the future of the Microsoft platform. To achieve this goal, DPE works across 4 key engagement areas – Technical Audiences, Customer Engagement, Partner Engagement and Developer Tools.

Success in Developer Tools is critical to the long term adoption of our overall platform and represents a growing revenue source for Microsoft. This role is the business leader of the Tools area within DPE. It is a unique role that combines sales excellence with product management & marketing.

This role offers both an exciting business challenge of owning an end-to-end business. It provides a chance to build personal experience with both sales and marketing. DPE also provides an exciting people environment - it prides itself on an agile business philosophy and a dedication to personal development.


The Role:

As Group Manager of the Tools Sales & Marketing team, this role is the owner of a key pillar of the DPE business in Canada. This role is the overall business leader of our Tools business, as well as the manager of our specific sales and marketing efforts. This role is responsible for building the overall marketing and sales strategy for the success of the Tools business in Canada. This includes an analysis of the opportunity in the Canadian marketplace, building a strategic marketing plan and effectively utilizing our sales resources.

Reporting to this role are 3 Developer Tools Sales resources, the Tools Product Manager and the Platform Marketing Manager.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Build a strong yearly product and platform marketing plan
  • Execution of our product and platform campaigns, promotions and activities
  • Work in conjunction with our marketing and communications team in the development and execution of our campaigns and agency management
  • Achievement of our Tools sales goals across all customer segments. Maintain an accurate and effective sales forecast
  • Maintain the overall Tools Forecast. Accurate and timely sales pipeline forecasting and participation in the subsidiary forecasting process, including integration into the Server & Tools business processes.
  • Tools Growth Models and Yearly budget creation. Develop and implement analytics on the health of the business and the market opportunity.
  • Cross-group engagement with the Enterprise, Public Sector and Small/Medium Business sales teams. Participation in cross-group forecasting and business management processes.
  • Participate as a member of the International Tools Areas Leads. Effective engagement with Redmond/Corporate.
  • Contribution to the monthly business checkpoints, quarterly reviews and midyear review processes
  • Participation as a member of the DPE Leadership Team in Canada
  • People management including commitment setting, reviews and people development

Success will be measured across the sales and marketing aspects of the role.

  • Achieving a “green” business scorecard.
  • Achievement of the tools sales quotas and budgets. (In total and by customer segment)
  • Sales forecast accuracy by quarter.
  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Effective execution of marketing campaigns that drive awareness and revenue. Innovation and evolution of our activities, campaigns and programs.
  • Effective use of marketing funding and a predictable spending forecast.
  • Positive People Management
  • Contribution to the DPE Leadership Team in Canada
  • Innovation In Role


The Fit:

  • A strong business leader with a track record of success
  • The ability to scale across sales and marketing
  • Ability to drive execution and innovation
  • A solid people manager who can grow, inspire and support the people on the team
  • Experience selling and/or marketing a highly technical product
  • An outstanding ability to execute and orchestrate across teams
  • Ability to fit into a dynamic, high performance team and have fun!


About The Organization:

The Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE) Group’s overall mission is to secure the future of Microsoft’s platform adoption success through technology evangelism, direct customer engagement, technology community support, platform sales, relationship marketing and supporting a vibrant partner ecosystem.

  1. Support Canada’s Technical Professionals by connecting with them and responding to their needs with outstanding programs, activities, interactions and content.
  2. Help individuals, customers and our partners do amazing things with our software.  Maximize the effectiveness of the software they already have and ready them for the technology of the future.
  3. In key strategic areas, make a significant positive impact on the Canadian marketplace.  This includes a variety of initiatives including improving our position as a web platform provider, driving new industry standards, helping grow Canada’s “software economy”, to engaging with startups, to helping improve the position of Women in Technology. And many more.

Specific DPE activities include:

    • Connecting with Canada’s Technology Professionals across the Developer, Architect and IT Pro audiences through an integrated approach to evangelism, communities and intelligent audience marketing.
    • Engaging Independent Software Vendors through depth and breadth technical evangelism activities
    • Driving highly visible reference wins on strategic technologies in enterprise accounts that lead to compelling customer reference
    • Product Management and Sales of Microsoft Developer Tools and Platform
    • Engaging technical students and faculty in universities, colleges and high schools