Microsoft's Phil Sorgen on social responsibility

On the Globe & Mail site today.

“Should a corporation answer only to its shareholders, or should it have a social conscience as well?

Not all executives are convinced they can afford to pour time and money into such things as community projects. But according to recent studies, an extraordinarily high number of their employees want to be involved in a company's social responsibilities, would prefer to work for a company with a strong commitment to community, and believe companies tied to a charity are more trustworthy and more respected.

An increasing number of companies have gone beyond writing cheques or donating cash to charities, donating products, services and time to works in the community.

Join the Conversation with Microsoft Canada president Phil Sorgen, who will take your questions about Corporate Social Responsibility from 1 p.m. to until 2 p.m. Wednesday, who can offer a history of his company's CSR projects and ideas on how companies can start their own programs”

FYI…. Phil is my boss here at Microsoft Canada :-)