The Canadian Strategic Architect Forum


Join top architecture experts at the Canadian Strategic Architect Forum. This prestigious, three-day conference has been designed specifically to meet the needs of enterprise strategic, solution and application architects like you. The event features presentations by Microsoft and other industry professionals, as well as hands-on, interactive sessions, dealing with a variety of topics, including the relationship between architecture and business strategy.

Learn from the best and brightest minds in architecture:• Jack Calhoun – CEO and Co-Founder of Accelare• Gregor Hohpe – Integration Architect Lead, ThoughtWorks Inc.• Pat Helland – Architect, Architecture Strategy, Microsoft• Don Box – Architect, Distributed Systems Group, Microsoft

Plus attend highly specialized and detailed information sessions:• Security (David Aucsmith)• VSTS (Prashant Sridharan)• Compliance (Mike Burner)• SOA and Reliable Messaging (Pat Helland)• Smart Client (Scott Garvey/David Hill)• Microsoft Architectural Framework (Gunpreet Pall)

Intimate and interactive breakout sessions will also be offered and will give you the opportunity to discuss current industry trends and to provide feedback directly to the professionals in Redmond.

For more information, and to register, please call 1-800-528-1668 or click here.



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