U of T is looking for a "Social Media Officer"

Robert Steiner over at the University Of Toronto talked to me at MESH and mentioned this cool new job they are looking to fill.  Seems like a very unique opportunity.


The University of Toronto is hiring its first-ever Social Media Officer.

The Social Media Officer will be responsible for planning and then executing social media strategies so the communication between the University and its 11,000 faculty/staff and 70,000 students will be easier, more open and two-way. S/he will be a member of a new, dynamic team, the Department of Strategic Communications - a team whose job is to pioneer new communications strategies for U of T. As Canada's leading research university, we aim to be pioneering in everything we do.

S/he will be the go-to person for advice on the whole range of U of T's online media. This includes helping U of T re-work its websites so that they are places where all of the people we interact with - from 17 year old prospective students, to leading academic researchers and government and business decision makers - can intuitively find what they're looking for.  The Social Media Officer will help re-shape the way one of the world's best universities speaks with a global audience, and the way it talks to and engages its own community.  If you're interested, please apply online at http://www.jobs.utoronto.ca/Career_Opportunities.htm, click on "External" and, under "job number search", enter: 0700181.