Find me at the Business Process Integration & Workflow Conference (prize)

UPDATE: Day 3. I did not attend yesterday due to health issues but I will be there today starting at the 1:30 session. Today I'm wearing:

1. Black hooded sweatshirt
2. Black hat with green Spartan logo on front (I'm a Skyline Spartans Youth Football coach)
3. Dirty washed jeans (I hate em but my wife makes me wear them)
4. Tennis/Track shoes

Heck, if you read this blog and see this, then just email or leave a comment and I'll even come meet you.


You're first question would be, "Mark, why are you there. Don't you already know Windows Workflow Foundation technology". I'm here to hopefully gain some insight into some of the pain points associated with Windows Workflow Foundation. I'm hoping there will be a question and answer session at the end of each talk so I can take that information as "you know, maybe we haven't explained it clearly enough in the docs". Since I'm in user education as a Programmer Writer, it's my job to make sure you have the necessary knowledge in place to be successful designing and implementing your workflow solution.

That being said, look for me. The first person that finds me (there might be 1 or 2 that actually read this blog entry) will be the recipient of a Channel 9 guy I have in my office. Here's some hints to help you:

1. I'm wearing a tan jacket
2. Blue jeans with sandals (my wife thinks it's tacky but I'm more into comfort)
3. Goatee (technically a Van Dyke but no one knows what that is)