Jeff Woolsley blogging in the Windows Virtualization Blog

Server Virtualization is really taking off with our enterprise customers as they start to realize the benefits of more efficient use of hardware, and ease of server provisioning to support changing business needs and disaster recovery.  Our solutions in this space have matured over the last 5 years from Virtual PC, to Virtual Server, to Windows Server Virtualization being included as part of the Windows Server 2008 platform.  Virtual Server 2005 R2 (now free) delivered capabilities to help Microsoft Virtualization close the gap with competitive solutions that require additional infrastructure and licensing cost, including:

  • Support for Host and Guest Clustering - allowing full failover capability of a virtual server environment (kick the plug out of one physical server, and another picks up the load of all the virtual servers on it)
  • Support for 64-bit hosts, and up to 32 physical processors
  • Complete scripted control of portable, connected virtual machines enabling automated configuration and deployment.

There is a LOT more coming in Windows Server Virtualization with Windows Server 2008, and I have gotten a lot of questions from customers about our Roadmap in this space.  Fortunately, Jeff Woolsley, a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft focused on Microsoft Virtualization, has just started blogging on the Windows Virtualization Team Blog.  Stay tuned as he starts sharing with us the Microsoft Virtualization strategy, and what we have coming down the road.

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