Wait Is This Thing On?


Hey Everyone,

I'm a Premier Field Engineer or PFE here at Microsoft focusing on
Platforms(Active Directory, etc) out of the central region. Anyways life before
I was a blue badge, about a whole month ago, one of the things I really valued
was finding a really good technical blog, such as Ask
the Directory Services Team
. It was and still is a fantastic resource of
information for me that I couldn't seem to get anywhere else. My hope for this
blog is to provide that same feeling of value to the community. I'll do my best
to write technically interesting posts as often as I can. Feel free to comment
or email me with suggestions ideas for posts. I look forward to trying to catch
up with Ned Pyle on the number of posts he has written over the years. Mark-1
Ned-10,000 but probably much more.

Mark "I think I might of accidentally just published that"


PS. Ned I'm stealing your various signatures.