TechEd Session Building a Silverlight Application Project

Finally I'm positing the Silverlight 2 Beta 2 project for my TechEd "Building Rich Internet Applications in Silverlight" talk. Sorry for the week delay I took off after TechEd for my daughter's 2nd birthday party (remember I said that I'm a proud dad?)

Here is the link to the project zip:


Two things to note:

1) I removed the usage of the special "isolated storage" helper class but left the class in the zip file (not included in the project but it is in the directory). The isolated storage apis are a bit simpler from Beta 1 so the helper class really isn't needed. I'll post some more details about the iso-storage apis here in a bit.

2) To use the navigation helper for web browser history navigation you must run the page from the ASP.NET project, not from the simple HTML page. The ASP.NET project is under the TechEd08Web project folder