Snippet Designer in April’s MSDN Magazine!

I am excited to announce that the Snippet Designer is featured in the April issue of MSDN Magazine. 











It is featured in the Toolbox column where they highlight useful tools and blogs. Here is a snippet of what it says:

Creating Code Snippets is a lot easier when using Snippet Designer (version 1.1), a free, open-source Add-In for Visual Studio 2008 for creating and editing Code Snippets directly within the IDE. Once you install it, creating a new Code Snippet is as easy as going to the File menu and creating a new Code Snippet File.


That is so cool! If you are interested go and download the Snippet Designer from the Codeplex website and give me more feedback.


Also, in the same article my friend Sara Ford had her blog featured.  When I found out the Snippet Designer and Sara’s blog were in the magazine I quickly emailed to ask Sara if she knew about it.  She already did and also had an extra copy of the magazine for me!