What annoys me when writing generic functions in Visual Studio...

When writing a generic function I start from left to right (the same way I write most things except when I took Yiddish in college).  For example, Lets say I am writing a simple generic method which return the first element of a generic list. I want the signature of this method to be:

 private T First<T>(List<T> list)


I start by writing the visibility:


I then need to write the return type so I type T.  The problem is that since T is not defined as a generic type parameter yet so intellisense tries to help me out by showing me all types that begin with T:



Now my instinct here (every time) is to press space since I just want to move on to the next word since T is all I want.  But space will auto-complete T with ThreadStaticAtrribute.  What I need to do is press esc to close the intellisense window and then press space.  This may seems like a silly issue, but I seem to never remember that I need to do this.

Visual Studio and intellisense have done nothing wrong here , I just wish intellisense had the ability to read my mind and understand exactly what I am intended to do.  It could save me a couple key presses a day!