Windows Media Player Problem AND Solution

I am the proud owner of a iriver clix portable media player.   I have had it for about a year now and I have had no complaints.  It works beautifully.  When I first got it I had some concerns about using Windows Media Player.  The clix is made to work best with it but I had some bad experiences in the past versions of WMP.  However, I decided to give it a go and I was pleasantly surprised.  The killer feature I found with WMP11 is the synching.  You can synch your device with media based on any criteria you want.  One example is that I set it up that whenever I plugged my device in WMP would synch all songs which are in the genre of rock and I have listened to 5 or more times but I haven't heard in 2 months. 

That is pretty cool.

I was happy with this until about a week ago when IT STOPPED SYNCHING.  I didn't know if it was a iriver problem or a WMP11 problem.  I reset the firmware on my clix and it didn't help.  I reinstalled WMP11 and it didn't help.  Then after searching online a bit I found a solution.

Somehow my WMP library got corrupt.  The music was fine but the index the media player keeps of the music got corrupt.  WMP would still play music and videos but it wouldn't let me manage my library, add files to the library or synch. 

I thought that reinstalling WMP would fix the library but it doesn't.  I really do think repair library probably should be an option in the installer or in the program but since it is not I had to look to the intertubes for the answer.  The solution was simple though, just delete the contents of the WMP library folder.


Instructions to do so can be found





Depending on whether you are running XP or Vista the instructions are slightly different so read carefully.