Change of blog!

I've hosted my blog over at for some time now and thought it might be fun to make a change and so here I am back at the MSDN blog site.

So what am I up to? Well currently it seems it's all about events ... either running them, preparing for them or even taking part.

My main 'baby' is Architect Insight which is in it's third year. I've just completed the 2-day, four track agenda which will be published early in the new year at So safe the date of 28-29 April and plan to register early! 

I've also been invited to host a .NET track at QCon which I have just posted up the first draft themed .NET: Client, Server, Cloud - deinfitely worth a browse.

So besides this what else am I up to?

The growing focus for the first part of next year will undoubtedly be the review of the echma responses to the recent BSI comments. I'm a member of the BSI OOXML technical panel which will review the echma responses to the issues the panel raised earlier this year. This is in preparation of the ISO Ballot Resolution Meeting scheduled for late February next year which will decide the immediate fate of OOXML as an ISO standard. Interesting times. If you have a view on this and are interested in getting involved then please do let me know.