How can IT become more proactive?

In response to a number of concerns raised about IT today, the final question posed by Andy Hopkirk at the NCC Think Tank on the Future of the IT Department, was much more tactical in nature than the scope of the session would suggest

How can IT become more proactive?

This yielded some really insightful responses, some are well known but as a collection and if incorporated into the ‘tribal’ ego of IT I think could engender some great value.

  • Develop a broader understanding and affiliation of what the Business is trying to achieve.
  • Empower IT staff to foster and nurture innovation and new ideas.
  • Shout out about successes. Ensure success is recognised across the business
  • Embrace innovation internally and externally, take a multi-sourcing or right-sourcing approach to service procurement
  • Speak to the business in a business language, leave the technology at the door
  • Develop architects that are aligned with the business
  • Embrace and expect change
  • Exercise a no-blame culture, where problems raised are encouraged
  • Develop open and transparent channels of communication at all levels

Interestingly, in reviewing these further, although at the time I was aware of overlaps I had assumed that these were all different points. But the more I review them, the more they really just boil down to 3 interlinct requirements for successful IT:

  1. Trust
  2. Communication
  3. Understanding