Next UK IASA Meeting: Applying Design Principles in Practice

With Christmas fast approaching I thought I’d grab a moment to remind you of the busy year ahead at IASA so you can put placeholders in your diaries!

Next IASA Meeting: Applying Design Principles in Practice
Tuesday, January 12, 2010 from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (GMT)

Please note that there is a slight change of topic, but still the same great team will be presenting (see below for more information). I’m also delighted that the meeting will take place in a new venue so many thanks to Onalytica for letting us use their offices!

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18:00     Welcome and IASA update
18:30     Design Principles in Practice
19:30     Drinks & Pizza   
20:00     Design Principles in Practice cont'd
21:00     Close/Pub

Applying Design Principles in Practice

Nick Rozanski, Chris Cooper Bland, Eoin Woods

Design principles are generally applicable design rules that, when followed, result in desirable qualities in the design of software. In contrast to patterns, design principles don't provide concrete solutions to specific problems but rather are general guidelines that designers should be aware of when creating their designs. While design patterns are a practical embodiment of good design principles, we observe that many designers using patterns don't seem to understand the principles that make them work well. Examples of design principles are "maximise cohesion", "minimise coupling", "liskov substitutability principle", "don't repeat yourself/minimise duplication", ...

In this session, we will examine a specific set of design principles for distributed information systems that the presenters will provide. We'll examine the set from two directions, initially by applying them to specific, contrasting, design problems to see how they influence the design decisions made, how useful they are, and what is missing from the set. Then from the opposite direction, participants will explore how to relate the design principles back to higher level business goals and technical principles, so aligning the design with the system's wider environment. (This latter technique is enormously useful as a practical way of justifying hard-to-explain and possibly expensive design decisions to senior management.)

This process will allow us to analyse, understand and validate the set of proposed design principles, while also gaining experience in applying and justifying design principles to realistic scenarios.


Onalytica Ltd
29th floor centre point
103 new oxford street
WC1A 1DD London
United Kingdom

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IASA Certification update

As you know the CITA certification program was launched earlier this year and we continue to work closely on various committees to look at bringing these to the UK in 2010. For more information and to register your interest then please visit the IASA certification website and let me know by reply to this email.

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Upcoming UK IASA Meetings

Please note the dates of the next scheduled meetings. I am considering subjects and think there is a need to cover cloud before too long! Any other suggestions then please let me know.

Tues 12th Jan 2010            Applying Design Principles in Practice
Tues 9th Mar 2010             TBC
Tues 11th May 2010          TBC
Tues 13th July 2010           TBC
Tues 14th Sept 2010         UK IASA AGM

Any news, thoughts or if you are interested in getting more involved then please let us know. And please have a thought on certification – and have your say!

So that’s about it for now and all there’s left to do is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful IASA New Year!!!