The Cloud, the architect, IT and the great disruption

Here's the deck I presented to Accenture technical consultants. Bit of fun and got a chance to give my view on what's happening to IT. Here's what I was asked to cover ...

  • What’s cloud computing?
  • What’s the industry trend, projections, opportunity and client value?
  • What does this mean for organisations and how are we expecting them to change?
  • What’s Microsoft doing to define, capture or ride this trend?
  • What’s Microsoft and Accenture doing together to capture this market?
  • What’s the next big Disruptive technology?

On the last point - I said that we're in it, but the only problem is with disruptive technologies is that you can't normally see them until they disrupt:)! On the whole Cloud in all its forms is an example of radical innovation but in certain cases it will disrupt. Here's some candidates for disruption IMHO:

  1. Traditional OUtsourcers, that don't see the opportunity to innovate as organisations multi-source
  2. System Integrators/Consultants that don't seak to generate IP and business partnerships with their customers
  3. Organisations that don't service enable their IT & don't differentiate their assets against critical and non-critical functions
  4. Organisations that don't invest in architecture and integration at a strategic level within IT (and the business)

Implications Of The Cloud

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Thoughts welcomed ....:)