The Enterprise as an ‘Orange’

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It was a great pleasure to have Iain Mortimer, Chief Architect, Bank of America Merrill Lynch keynote for me at the last Architect Insight Conference. The deck will be on the website shortly, but I also got chance to do a little Talking Architect Interview with him while he was there. So what’s the next generation enterprise going to look like? Simple, an orange, well not quite, it’ll be more like an inside-out orange as the juicy segments usually contained within a leathery shell are externalised and consumed as services through a form of multi-sourcing. Enterprise IT itself being concerned with the integration, co-ordination and orchestration of these services in order to deliver value to the business.


Sound fanciful? Unbelievable? Well it’s happening and here’s the evidence. But also, I think it’s worth looking back at the work I did with Freeform Dynamics on the future of IT out of which we produced the following report IT on the Front foot. Still very valid reading IMHO!