More on SoftIce, from one of its parents

Frank Grossman, one of the original authors of SoftIce and owners of NuMega sent this around to some of us old-time NuMega folks. I figured some of my readers might get a kick out of it. It's filled with inside references which I won't try to describe, although some might be guessable.

Subject: RE: R.I.P. SoftICE

And only about 6 months from his 20th birthday.

But we should remember the good times.

He was born with a fairly short and energetic labor. Born back in the simple days of a 386s chip with 512K memory. He was a very skinny baby, fitting on a 360K floppy, and a little shy always hiding away in the upper part of memory where no one could find him. Although shy he started to getting around quickly. Moving from DOS to Win 3.0 then a big date in ‘Chicago’. His popularity grew to the point that even songs where written about him, ‘The Soft-ICE blues’. And finally showing up in a ‘New Technology’ where no one thought he could live. He was fickle at times, dating a lot of different symbol engines along the way and picking up friends wearing strange ‘Underware’. He became a little confused as he left the nest; trying to be hip, doing the 64bit thing and was even seen cross dressing in a GUI.

But as his parents;

SI = ‘JM’

DI = ‘FG’

We will always be proud of him and what he accomplished for the world, in a time when the OS changed every 2 years and drivers were a combination of science and art. 

We would like to thank all those who helped him along during his life!

In his memory we ask that you always keep CTRL-D unassigned on your keyboard.

            Frank & Jim