Mr. Burgermaster passes on

This makes me sad:

My own personal connection to Burgermaster is manyfold. My first article for Microsoft Systems Journal (MSJ) was about the Burgermaster segment in Windows 3.X. When it came time to publish the article, they couldn't find a suitable graphic image from the article, so they went with the picture of the Burgermaster sign.

Years later, when I interviewed at Microsoft, the lunch time slot came up and the interviewer asked where I wanted to go. The only place in town I knew the name of was Burgermaster, so off we went! I was subsequently told "Anybody who asks to go to Burgermaster for their interview lunch should just be hired on the spot."

Fast forward another year when I asked my girlfriend to marry me. Where did we go when she said yes? You've got it, Burgermaster.

We still enjoy Burgermaster frequently. Lately though, it's the Seattle location for their tasty breakfast.