Deploying Windows 10 with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT)

imageOne of my passion areas in Windows technology is deployment.  With recent changes in Windows 10 deployment leveraging free tools like MDT is vital for your organization successful deployment.  Recently I was blessed to deliver some courses for

I recently released two such courses to help those with their Windows 10 roll-out.  The first course, Deploy Windows 10 for Small Businesses,  shows small businesses (those with fewer than 50 employees) how to do a high-touch Windows 10 deployment. For larger organizations, the Deploy Windows 10 with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013 course will walk admins through using MDT to deploy Windows 10 across the enterprise.  I hope you check out and enjoy the courses!

While I recorded the course prior to the new activation announcement ( ).  The technology I discuss in the courses are still valid.  These are great ways to jumpstart your Windows 10 deployments! 

Enjoy the courses!