Good Search Articles

As a lot of you know I am pretty passionate about search and I have seen some articles on the topic that I wanted to share with everyone. There are some great comments around our future strategy and even how we have deployed the technologies internally.  

In the first piece of news, Satya Nadella, a Corporate Vice President, was interviewed by Mary Jo Foley.  The primary focus of the discussion is on Internet search topics.  However, they discuss some pretty cool technologies that have been recently added to Live Image Search.  One of the highlights is the new facial-detection search functionality .  They also briefly discuss integration of Live Search Technologies into Microsoft products.

Take a look at the full article here:

What’s next on Microsoft’s search agenda?

In the second piece of news we released a lot of great information on how we deployed search technologies at Microsoft.  There is a lot of great guidance on how MS IT deployed the technology.  Take a look here for more information:

Enterprise Search at Microsoft with Office SharePoint Server 2007: (from the IT showcase summary):
Like most large companies, Microsoft’s intranet contains terabytes of both structured and unstructured content that employees need to find and use on a daily basis.  In the past, it has been difficult to bring such diverse content sets together in a single search center experience, but with the release of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 it’s possible to allow users to search against different content repositories with just a few clicks.

In the resources below see how Microsoft manages its internal enterprise search experience built on MOSS 2007 both on the central corporate portal site and as search service that is consumed by thousands of internal SharePoint sites and 75,000+ employees worldwide.

Technical White Paper: Deploying and Supporting Enterprise Search


Podcasts of the above webcasts: ( WMA or MP3)