Straight from the Source: Windows Server 2008 TechNet Radio Interviews

logo2008 Of Course I have to be politically correct in my title although during the two interviews, the use of the word Longhorn was extensive.  :-)  We actually recorded the sessions prior to the official naming of the product, so I do get an out of jail card for that.  In both interviews, I talked to two folks in the Windows Server 2008 product group and we focused on what was new, exciting and what customers, like yourselves will like about the upcoming release as well.  

In the first interview, I interviewed Iain McDonald it was a fun interview.   Iain has worked for Microsoft for 15 1/2 years; currently he is a director in the Windows Server group. He is a native of Australia and he was a lot of fun to talk with. We talked about some of the design principles and key architectural changes behind Windows Server 2008 and discussed some of the joint development work with the Windows Vista team.

In the second interview I interviewed David Lowe, and it was great to get even more perspective on Windows Server 2008.   David is Senior Product Manager for Windows Server with Microsoft Corporation. In this role, he coordinates worldwide launch activities around Windows Server 2008.  In this interview we discussed, discuss how Windows Server "Longhorn" has been designed around server roles and workloads that meet customers' needs.   Also as an added bonus there is also an interview of Mark Griesi from the Security Response Team, and he talks with my good friend, a security guru Kai Axford about the May Security Updates.

Here are some great resources for you to start getting ready for Windows Server 2008:

  1. Download the beta:
  2. Windows Server 2008 virtual labs:
  3. Windows Server 2008 home page:
  4. Free Live events on Windows Server 2008, TechNet Events:

So check out the interviews and let me know what you think!