TechNet Radio: Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) – Windows Azure Virtual Machines & What’s in it for You (Part 1)

I kick off a 8 part Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) series and in today’s episode I welcome Chief Technical Evangelist for the Cloud, Brian Prince to the show as they give us an overview of Microsoft’s IaaS platform, aka Windows Azure Virtual Machines . Tune in as we build a case for why both developers and IT Professionals should consider using this service as well as how to get started and create your own Azure Virtual Machine in minutes.


  • [1:44] What’s  “DevOps”?
  • [4:52] How does IaaS affect me? What is Windows Azure Virtual Machines?
  • [6:02] Tesla vs. Edison? Umm…I thought we were talking about Azure? How does this story fit in exactly?
  • [13:01] Ok, I get it…now what’s the deal with PaaS (Platform as a Service)? How is this different than IaaS?
  • [21:13] DEMO: How to setup and create an Azure Virtual Machine


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