Walt Disney World Marathon Dopey Challenge 2015: Race Week!

398889-R1-016-6A_006I am so sorry I have not posted my training as much as I would have liked to.  This training year has been fantastic but it is also have been full of travel and more travel.  Overall this training has been solid and glad I found the Galloway plan.  It is a solid plan and I know it is going to get me through Disney smiling the whole way.  I was able to keep most of my training intact, I know I am ready for the Dopey challenge.  All expect the 4 in a row 3am wake up calls, I am not sure there is any good training for that.  So what have I been up to. here are some highlights over the last few months:

  • Completed my 6th marathon running with fellow dopey runner Dan.  It was a solid day, even though I was recovery from food poisoning.
  • PR several training runs, including a 10k under an hour.  Overall I am very happy with my training plan this year, would have liked more consistent cross training.  My times during my runs have been some of the fastest
  • Got a New Camera, for all the pictures I hopefully will be taking along the runs.

Which brings me to……


I am just blessed and excited to get to run in Disney World again!  Seems like I just started my training in July and now it is here!  I am starting to get that kid feeling all over again, and I cannot wait until I meet my friends (Jimmy, Dan, Michelle, Pearl, and John) Disney this week!  I am over the moon excited!  Maybe I have been watching too many of these videos:

So what are my goals for the runs this year.  To be honest I really only have the 2 I always tell my kids:

Have Fun and Do My Best

That is all I can ask, and I will add in one additional one.  Ride Expedition Everest if it is open, I hope to be riding it again! 

If you are heading to Disney, or running anywhere this weekend.  I hope you are as excited as I am and if not watch this:

Thank you for reading these posts and look for a race recap in the next few weeks.

Have a Blessed and fantastic week!