Walt Disney World Marathon Dopey Challenge 2015 Week 13 Training: Tyler Rose 1/2 Recap

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P. R.

This Sunday I ran the Tyler Rose 1/2, this was the last race in my four seasons challenge.  It was by far the hardest course of the 4.  25 hills and 524 feet of gain.  I know some of friends who live in the PacWest are laughing but for TX, that is a solid run.(see Garmin Data below).  This run did have the best weather of all the races.  Personally I really think this is what contributed the most to have a great run on tough course.  It was a great day and I did enjoy the course for most part.  While I cannot say that for all the runs during the challenge (remember the hottest half?).  This run was cool and I liked the medal at the end.  Also having a road trip with Dan and Jimmy was great as well!  Overall it was great weekend.  Now on to this week.

Garmin Data:


Here  is my schedule for this week: