Walt Disney World Marathon Dopey Challenge 2015 Week 18 Training: All About the Hydration, even when it is Cold.

398888-R1-010-3A_005As I am coming off a great 20 miles this last weekend.  I am reminded of an important topic and that is hydration.  Especially as the weather gets cooler, I know a lot of you think you can forgo water and hydration.  While you may not be losing your fluids as fast when the weather is warmer, hydration is just as important on these days.  Often times I will see runners fall into the trap of thinking cool weather means I do not have to drink.  I have seen this a few times in Disney where normally the start temperatures are between 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit at race start and normally will climb between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit.  A lot of runners will bypass the early water stops, and by the time the weather turns warmer some of those runners are already dehydrated and in trouble.  The point being is you still need to drink water on a regular basis, and the general of thumb if you are thirsty you did not drink enough.

Another point I was reminded of on my 20 mile run is that for me I need to have a balance of water and my electrolyte drink.  I use UCann’s new hydration product very good: https://store.generationucan.com/products/hydrationlemonlime.  When I went for the run at about mile 10 I knew I was not getting enough liquids, even though I was drinking regularly my ucan drink I knew I needed just water.  When I run I always carry a little cash for water/snacks or a cab.  Luckily at the 10 mile mark I was right next to a convenience store and was able to get my water.  I am sure I smelled like roses.   I should have known I needed water, because when I come up on water stops during races I will normally mix the water and electrolyte drink together to dilute it a bit.  Lesson reminded, and I was solid for the remaining 10 miles.

So a couple of points to remember you still need to drink on a regular basis even on cooler days and find the right balance for you between just water and your electrolyte drink.

Here  is my schedule for this week: