About Me

My name is Matt Warren.  I am a software achitect at Microsoft on the C# programming language product team. 

I'm currently working on a top-secret, hush-hush project that will make all my previous top-secret hush-huhs projects seem like child's play. 

Previously, I spent many top-secret hush-hush years designing, prototyping and implementing Language Integrated Query (LINQ) a core feature set of the C# 3.0 programming language and LINQ to SQL (DLINQ) an Object-Relational Management (ORM) system that makes relational databases LINQ enabled.  Before that I was one of the designers of an experimental programming language codenamed X# that later released through Microsoft Research as C-Omega, a language that was the impetus of many of the new features of C# 3.0.  Before both of these projects I was the designer of another ORM project know as ObjectSpaces, which was a precursor to LINQ to SQL  I was also a development lead for ADO.Net and the .Net XML API's, and before that a lead and developer for the native ADO product. 

Before Microsoft, I worked at many other software companies and have dabbled in areas such as language interpreters, non-linear optimization, user interfaces, 3D graphics, spread sheets, networking, graphics terminal emulation, and database systems.

I live in Redmond, WA, with my wife Betsy and our son Charlie