The Heat is On

It is hot today, terribly hot.  A kind of hot that makes most Washingtonians jump for joy, slip on their shorts and tank tops and head for the beach.  The heat outside is like a stinging syrup that bears down on everything, forcing you to wade through it on the short jaunt from your car.  It's so hot and sunny, I think people here might actually start to tan.  Now that would be incredible; kind of like first contact with an alien species.

Of course, I'm only really speaking for us programmer types.  We're the ones that actually do make it to work on a day like today.  Sure, we would like to be outside romping in the sun, with our floppy hat, baggy shirt and our 45 SPF.  But we've got another life to tend to inside the machine, bags of bits to shuffle about, files to open, webs to surf, and its not long after we are 'inside' that we forget about everything else, our minds focusing on the work and our digital reality.

Of course, its also easy to forget about the sun and the heat when your office is dark like a cave and the AC is blasting from the ceiling so furiously that you in fact are  still wearing long pants and a sweater, and thinking about how nice a hot cup of coffee would feel right now.