Who is this Max guy anyway?


Its difficult to know what one should drop into a blog post.  I've been told that I should provide a post that states who I am and why the information I might post would be interesting.

Well.... here it goes:

I've been working at Microsoft for 14 years, covering the heady days of the Win95 launch all the way through to the present.  All 14 years have been spent in the Developer Support organization working with our developer customers.  I've supported a number of different Microsoft API sets from the old Lan Man APIs in the late 90's to the new .Net Powershell Automation classes of today.  In the early part of my career at Microsoft I was known as the "Thunk Master" working with thunk dlls to call the 16 bit Lan Man APIs from 32 bit Windows 95/98 applications.

For the past 6 years I have been supporting ADSI and the LDAP API sets. Recently, I've added generic WMI and Powershell to the products I support.  If you can do it programmatically with  the Active Directory I support it. 

 As I find interesting tid bits of information about ADSI/WMI/PSH I'll post them here as a way of documenting them.

My hope is you will find the information useful and interesting.