ILM "2" Beta 3 is now available for download

ILM "2" Beta 3 has recently been posted for download on the connect website. This beta release is a major milestone in the release roadmap for the product and contains most of the features of the product that a lot of people have been waiting to get a play with. Crucially, you can download a full VPC demo image and start having a look at the product today!

Included in this beta release:

  • ILM "2" Beta 3 package
  • ILM "2" Beta 3 Release notes
  • ILM "2" Beta 3 IT Pro documentation set
  • ILM "2" Beta 3 SDK
  • ILM "2" Beta 3 ready to use VPC

In this release you can work with:

  • Workflow integration with Office and Outlook
  • Self Service Password Reset
  • Codeless user provisioning

The VPC image comes with a full lab and documentation set so you can work through the scenarios and get an understanding of how the new features can work in you environment and start delivering higher ROI and lower TCO

The timeline for ILM "2" is as follows:

  • Release candidate: Q4 2008
  • RTM Q1 2009

If you're interested in Identity Management I would strongly recommend that you subscribe to the program today, download the content, get the VPC image up and running and find out what everyone's talking about with ILM "2"

You can subscribe to the beta program at:

You can also join the beta newsgroup and subscribe to training Webcasts as and when they become available

More information on ILM 2 can be found at: