Route records to other site collections

The records center in SP2010 is greatly enhanced. With the new content organizer rules you can route records not only to document libraries in the same site, but also to other site collections. Here is a how-to to configure for that scenario.

You need to set up three things before the content organizer allows you to send to another Site Collection:

  • Two or more records center (different site collections)
  • Configure Send to locations
  • Allow for sending outside the site
Please keep in mind that this applies to a pre-release version of SharePoint Server 2010, and may change before the product is released

Create Records center

Creation of Records center can you find here

Configure Send to locations

Send to locations is configured in SharePoint Central Administration.

  1. Click General Application Settings in the left menu
  2. Click Configure Send to connections in the External Service Connections category
  3. Add connections for both Records Centers
  4. Click OK after the connections has been added

Allow for sending outside the site

On the site that you want to configure the Content Organizer to send documents outside the site, you will need to configure the site settings:

  1. Go to Site Settings for the site
  2. Click the Content Organizer Settings in the Site Administration category
  3. Check the checkbox for Sending to another site.


Content Organizer Rule

Then finally you can set up your content organizer rules to send to another site :-)